Blood Pressure Cuff and Bulb Calibrated® V-Lok® Adult Arm Medium Cuff 25 - 35 cm Polyester Cuff

W.A. Baum Calibrated V-Lok Blood Pressure Cuff and Bulb, Arm, Adult, Medium, 25-

SKU: 29027_EA
    1. Baum V-Lok® system includes cuff, blood pressure cuff bulb and AirFlo control valve
    2. This medium blood pressure cuff is made of a high-quality, heat set material that's resistant to stains
    3. The Baum blood pressure cuff lets you know whether you're using the right cuff size
    4. Markings on the inside and the outside of the cuff allow for correct placement
    5. The arm cuff with Velcro and a loop with hook closure provide a secure hold


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