McKesson Pro-Tech Surface Disinfectant Cleaner Ammoniated J-Fill™ Dispensing Systems Liquid 1 gal. Jug Floral Scent NonSterile

McKesson Pro-Tech Surface Disinfectant Cleaner Alcohol-Based Liquid, Non-Sterile

SKU: 484483_EA
    1. McKesson Pro-Tech RTU Disinfectant Cleaner is effective as a bactericide, fungicide and virucide
    2. The alcohol-based formula reduces the risk of cross-contamination
    3. Pro-Tech disinfectant is safe for use on non-porous, hard surfaces such as tile, metal and stainless steel, chrome, copper and brass
    4. It comes ready to use with no diluting or mixing required<
    5. The liquid leaves behind a floral scent
    6. It's available in a 1 gallon jug