Blood Pressure Cuff and Bulb McKesson LUMEON™ Adult Arm Large Cuff 34 - 50 cm Nylon Cuff

McKesson LUMEON Blood Pressure Cuff and Bulb, Nylon Cuff, Large Cuff, Burgundy,

SKU: 803207_BX
    1. The burgundy blood pressure cuff size allows for placement on an adult arm
    2. It includes a nylon cuff, a two-tube bladder, bulb, valve and female luer slip connector
    3. This McKesson blood pressure cuff is compatible with most aneroid sphygmomanometers
    4. It features the McKesson LUMEON™ inflation system
    5. A size range of 34 - 50 centimeters makes it easy to properly place the cuff
    6. This large blood pressure cuff is latex-free to prevent discomfort