Blood Pressure Cuff Calibrated® V-Lok® Adult Arm Medium Cuff 25 - 35 cm Polyester Cuff

Calibrated® V-Lok® Blood Pressure Cuff

SKU: 29050_EA
    1. The Calibrated®V-Lok® system clearly indicates whether or not the correct size cuff is being used. The center of the bladder is clearly marked on the inner and outer surfaces of the cuff for correct application on either the right or left limb
    2. Cuffs conform to the shape of the limb and have no hard, stiff edges
    3. Baum cuffs are made of tightly woven, heat set Dacron™ polyester fabric.
    4. Available for those who are hypersensitive to natural rubber latex
    5. Adult Size
    6. Fits 25 cm to 35 cm


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